Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Day We Met "The C.O.M."

Well, we continued on our journey commenting what a small world it was and what a nice lady E's grandma was and how lovely the dogs were (see earlier post) when out of the corner of my eye I espied something which looked rather odd - this funny little car. There was no way of knowing how it had got there as there was no apparent driveway. It looked as if it had been plonked there by a big crane. I asked the Other Half to pull up so that I could take a photo of it and he duly stopped a short distance away and I walked up to  where I had seen the car.

As I was taking the photo - I was stood at the edge of the road when a car stopped and a cantankerous old man (C.O.M.) came out and approached me at a very quick pace from his Saab. He immediately walked into my space - literally less than 10 inches from my face and shouted at the top of his voice "What are you doing? You can't take photos of private property?" I tried to explain to him that I was interested in amateur photography but he wouldn't stop. He then tried to grab hold of my camera and when I said "Oh, no you don't" he told me that I had to delete it "Now - Immediately". By this stage I was getting scared and didn't know quite what to say. I thought that he was going to attack me - he was very angry. He was also tall about 5'11 or taller and I'm only 5'4".

I thought well I'm in a bit of a pickle here - I can't turn my back on him as God knows what he might do so I started to walk slowly backwards towards the car. The Other Half had luckily seen that this man was trouble and moved the car slowly towards me. He then got out and asked the man what his problem was. The man just carried on berating me but then turned to look at the Other Half and I saw my opportunity to get away and jumped into the car as did the Other Half. We left pretty hastily I can tell you!

The strange thing was from the man's aggressive chatter I don't think the car had anything to do with him!
I was pretty shaken when I got into the car - my heart was beating very fast.
He was definitely the vilest old man that I have come across - pompous, aggressive and arrogant. We christened him "The Cantankerous Old Man" or C.O.M. for short!

After the scare we pootled along trying to make light of the situation as Our Daughter had witnessed what had gone on. She kept saying "I thought he was going to hit you mum."

We found this beautiful horse in a field. We stopped the car and the horse as soon as he saw me and Our Daughter came trotting towards us and kept pushing my arm with his nose as he wanted me to carry on stroking him. It is often the way that animals behave better than humans!

A short distance away we came across this pony and he treated us to a sight of him rolling in the mud with his legs in the air!

The weather was kind - just a hint of a breeze and the scenery was beautiful.

We admired the view.

We got back in the car and headed towards Frensham. We stopped at St. Mary's Church. It was very peaceful - even though it's in a village setting. You could hear the geese from a nearby river. Suddenly life was good again - the monster in the Saab was almost forgotten about!

The inside of the Church was cool and tranquil. A place to contemplate and to decide that luckily there aren't many C.O.M.'s in the World!

There were many glorious stained glass windows - in rich colours of red, blue and gold.

I jokingly wished that the man with the sword would have been there to frighten the C.O.M. away.

A final look at the Churches interior before we made off to our final destination.

So it was "Goodbye" to St. Mary's Church and "Hello" to Frensham Great Pond.
More on that in a later post.

Until next time - If you see a C.O.M. in a Saab as they say on Crimewatch - Don't have nightmares!


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  1. Oh dear, I hope that's not my car! That is identical to my very first car, thankful to say I have not yet turned into a COM! Hope it didn't spoil your day too much.


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