Saturday, 5 March 2011

A Devon Walk

Friday of half term saw us going out for a walk in the Devon countryside. We knew that it was likely to be a short walk as the forecast had been for rain. Indeed we had only been out for just over an hour when it did start to rain.
I love derelict old buildings like this - my grandparents had a very similar cow shed.

We came across this pony in a field. Remember I told you that we had been told off by a farmer - well, I'd climbed over a wall to get a photograph of the horse - the horse was in another enclosure. I was taking a photograph when this really loud angry voice shouted "Get out of my field!" I was with Our Daughter. Hubby had stayed on the road. Our Daughter was terrified by the harsh tone of his voice.  

You can see a barrier in this photo. We were behind that and not in the field with the ponies. As you can see it was the pony that came towards us. The pony was lovely and liked being stroked. After the farmer had calmed down - I mean a woman in her 40's with a 10 year old daughter in tow are the most unlikeliest of candidates to want to harm animals. I suppose there are unsavoury characters that would harm animals though - but there was no need to be so aggressive. What do you think who was right and who was wrong?

I remember when I was little a farmer terrifying me and my friends when we had taken a short cut through his field on our way home from primary school - which was a right of way. I was only about eight and the incident that I mention above made me feel as if I was eight years old again.

We moved on with Our Daughter constantly commenting "I didn't like that man. I'm scared - can we go home incase we see him again."

We eventually came across a very big field full of sheep who came running and bleating towards us. I think they thought that we had some food for them.

"Are you sure you haven't got any food?"

"We want food! We want food! We want food!"
"Why are we waiting!"

Shortly after this photo was taken it began to rain and so we headed back home.

Until next time.



  1. What beautiful photos! I would love to visit here someday. And hope Yelling Man isn't around when I do. :)

  2. Lovely photos, shame that your walk was spoilt for you. A few years ago I remember being chased across a field by a man with a shotgun - we'd got lost on a treasure hunt and had stumbled onto this field by mistake even though there were no signs up telling us to keep off. Not the best of memories either...!


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