Friday, 7 January 2011

New Year in Devon

Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone - SORRY about the delay.
Having gone for literally weeks feeling like death not even warmed up we decided to go to Devon for a few days of pure relaxation. It rained most of the time which meant that the camera didn't come out often or we just pottered around indoors - reading, playing Connect 4, chess, drawing, colouring etc...

The above photograph was taken outside a studio in Lyme Regis. It was certainly not a day for swimsuits  - we were more likely to be blown into the sea than to go into it voluntarily!

We visited Honiton - no photographs as it was again very, very cold. We did visit one of the second hand bookshops and I found some Dennis Wheatley paperbacks - I will do a post on him in the near future and show you some of the covers - which are very evocative and of their time. You will understand when I show you them!

We visited Stockland - a very pretty small village with a big Church. In between the rainfall I took some photographs of the cottages and the wonderful Christmas wreaths that people had decorated their homes with.

I particularly liked this one below - how imaginative to have trailed holly, ivy and wooden stars around the doorway.

Even this old petrol pump had been decorated!

I much prefer these old Shell signs to the new brightly coloured but dull and ugly ones.

A few more cottages and doors with wreaths.

Some of the cottages were very big and I would dearly have liked to take a peek inside!

I found the sign below a bit over-dramatic bearing in mind it was on a telegraph pole!

The note on the phone box appears unwelcoming - we don't want your money!

After walking around the village we then headed towards the Church. There were some lovely stained glass windows which I will show in a later post.

I thought that I would end this post with a few photographs of our loveable standard, wire-coated dachshund, Charlie. Most of the time he sleeps in places where he knows he is not supposed to - on sofas and not his own bed! When he saw me he wasn't bothered at all, he raised his head from his slumber and if he could talk this is what he would probably have said  - "Is it food time yet?" and "Don't look at me like that - the sofa is where you sit all the time!"

It's a hard life being a dog! "I'm going to go back to sleep - It doesn't look like giving me food is on her agenda."

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year and are looking forward to the year ahead.

Until next time.



  1. Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment.I love your Charlie! Bella is stretched out on the sofa right now.We've given up trying to keep her off the chairs! :0)

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family! Glad you are finally feeling better. Charlie is a real sweetie. A friend of mine had two like him and they were adorable. They certainly know the best places to sit - I'm half sitting on my computer seat at the moment as one of our cats has decided to steal it from me...


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