Thursday, 16 December 2010

Summer at Forde Abbey

As I look out of the study window to do this post today it is pretty gloomy outside - people walking by huddled into their coats and wrapped in scarves.
I decided to do a post about one of our favourite places - Forde Abbey.
Look at the glorious red colour of that poppy!

The kitchen / garden.

I love the vivid oranges and yellows against the green.

Isn't this foxglove stunning!

My daughter, hubby and our dog, Charlie.

"Oh, mum - I'm a bit nervous there's some people looking at me!"

Forde Abbey - I just love everything about the place.

The water fountain!


Isn't that pink colour against the white and yellow just amazing!

Well, there you have it some wonderfullness from the Summer.
Back to reality - it's Winter and it's getting colder.
Christmas is nearly here and I'm not ready for it yet!
Our daughter went out yesterday with her Grandad and met up with her cousins so I thought I'd nip into town and get a few things - I managed to get some wrapping paper and tags!
Help! So much to do and time is running out!
Better get myself off this blasted computer then, hadn't I?

Until next time.



  1. How lovely to see such summery photos!


  2. Charlie is absolutely gorgeous! He looks like he has the same loveable personality as our Douglas. He's a standard wire-haired isn't he? He's just GORGEOUS! Love Vanessa xxx


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