Friday, 17 December 2010

Killerton House, near Exeter

During the Summer we visited Killerton House near Exeter. It is a National Trust property with delightful grounds.

It even has a bear hut! Can you imagine confining a wild animal to this hut!

The bear could have looked at the stained glass windows to amuse himself!

It was one of those lovely Summery days where the sun shone beautifully through the leaves.

There are many trees and our daughter had fun playing there.

An image from one of the urns in the grounds.

I just liked the shape and colour of this flower.

The wisteria was showing off all its glory!

It really is a beautiful setting and well worth a trip to see both the house and garden.

Back to reality - we had a light dusting of snow overnight. It promises more tomorrow!
It certainly feels much colder today than it did yesterday. I think we're in for a long cold Winter!
Right I'm off to switch the kettle on and have a nice hot cup of tea!

Until next time.


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