Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow on the Devon / Somerset border

This is the sight that greeted us on Saturday morning - SNOW in November - unheard of! We had haircut appointments to keep and so we got in the car. On our way back we decided to take a de-tour onto the country lanes to grasp the full beauty of the SNOW in the countryside!

The sun was doing its very best to try and peep through but just couldn't quite make it!

An old toll-gate near Chard in Somerset. I was sorry when I saw this photo that I hadn't got out of the car as you can see the dashboard in the photograph - Whoops!


 A few cars had ventured down the lanes before us - it was treacherous but oh, so worth it!


We came across this pub which we hadn't noticed before - it was closed. I think it looks like somewhere that will need to be visited in the near future!

The pubs sign - a huntsman on one side and a hound on the other!

This farmhouse looks so inviting - can we drop in  for some toasted muffins by the log fire!

Just wonderful!

This poor mite was munching hay in a field with his jacket on. PLEASE, please can I come indoors!

There were many more photographs taken and I will  put them in a post tomorrow.
By Monday the snow had gone and we headed off to Lyme Regis - photos will follow in a few days!
We are now back in Hampshire and it is SNOWING again!
It snowed heavily overnight. Work is cancelled - YIPEE!
I am not going to venture out today though as I'm fighting off the remains of a rather nasty cold!

Until next time.



  1. Hi June,

    Thanks so much for visiting the Lane, it was lovely to hear from you. Doesn't our landscape look magical? Ahhh, so pretty,

    Sarah x

  2. Hi June
    Your photos truly capture a lovely winters scene. We I think must be the only part of the country that has not had alot of snow just a small powdering but very, very cold.


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