Friday, 3 December 2010

More of Devon / Somerset in the Snow

These are the remainder of the photographs that we took whilst making our de-tour on Saturday. If you didn't see the red sign post you'd think that this was a black and white photo!

The trees had shed all their leaves. I particularly liked the shape of this tree!


Stop looking! Go and get the farmer to bring us some food. Isn't it cold out here!


It all looks so pretty!

Even the ordinary looks magical!

 Although there wasn't much snow on the road it was pretty icy and the car lost its traction a few times!

Down the twisty bendy bit!

Back on the main road - overlooking the woods. After the short de-tour we stopped in a farm shop which had a cafe and had a full english breakfast - just what you need on a cold, cold day!

Here's Archie our cat - all nice and cosy on his crochet blanket! Well, its not his exactly you understand, but try telling him that! He was in a very posing mood when I took this photograph and I'll put some more on a later post.

This is Millie (short for Milhaus). "It's embarassing being called a girls name when you're a boy."
I wonder if she remembers that I'll be 10 next week and if she does remember what she's going to get me for my birthday!"

Until next time.



  1. Hi June,
    I've tracked your blog down. Crikey, I didn't realise they'd had so much snow in Somerset/Devon. It does look very pretty, shame it's not practical. Love your furry friends, I bet they're keeping warm, I know mine are! Oh to be a kitty...
    Hen xxx

  2. Your cats are soooo beautiful! My cats are staying in as well, with all the snow...
    And I really need to visit Devon, never been there. The English countryside is really marvellous, in all seasons of the year.


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