Thursday, 25 November 2010

Weald and Downland Museum, Sussex

During the school Summer Holidays my parents came down to stay for a few weeks. They live 320 miles away on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales - which of course is now gaining a huge interest since the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton has been announced - they are currently living on Anglesey whilst Prince William completes his posting at RAF Valley.

As a nice day out we went to The Weald and Downland Museum. It is a showcase to houses, farm machinery etc from the past. Each house did exist - they are not modern day reproductions!  Each one has been re-built using where possible the original brick, stone etc but if any were too damaged they have been re-made using the old traditional methods!

During the holidays some of the houses have people dressed in costume telling you the story of how life was during that period. They even have people cooking using the old stoves to make bread.

Here is my dad, daughter and husband resting their feet!

An Old Schoolhouse - no computers here! Just a blackboard, slate and chalk to write with and an abacus in the corner to count (no calculators)! I like the old school bell on the bookshelves. It reminds me of the first school I went to aged 5 - 7 years. I remember that it was a special treat to be allowed to ring the bell to indicate the end of playtime! Do they still use bells these days? I will need to ask my daughter this evening!

My husband, daughter and parents near to a Shepherds Hut. I really like these old huts. People now buy them up and use them as home offices. Many companies do reproductions. I did like the idea of having one in the garden but the expense meant that a shed was more in our price range!

This is an Old Farmhouse  - timber framed and many centuries before proper cooking facilities and heating! It looks beautiful but I am sure would have been very, very cold to live in during the Winter months.

Another Shepherd's Hut. There are several of them at the Museum.

They also have working horses at the Museum and have ploughing matches on certain days.

Our daughter!

A sign outside the tollgate. I remember some history lessons at school about these - where you had to pay to use the roads.

And there we have it - a good day out. There are many places to have a picnic, there is a small cafe, a pond and a gift shop.

I will be back tomorrow with a post about books with cats for children.

Until then.


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  1. I've been there about 15 years ago! Loved it! And it inspired me for my own garden so much at that time.
    I loved the fat pigs, where they still there?



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