Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Museum of Country Life, Exmouth

In the Summer we went here. As you arrive there is a shopping area and cafe. This really needs a re-vamp as it could dissuade people from coming to the Museum. It was pretty grotty. Having driven some distance to get there and getting lost a few times we decided to pay and go in. We were glad that we were not put off by our first impressions. Our advice would be if you do go - take a picnic!

There are a lot of old advertising tin signs. Things were made so much better all those years ago. Imagine a vase and flowers used to advertise cigarettes!

And here, the advertisers are saying to the youngsters of the day if you smoke you will look cool and get a boyfriend / girlfriend!

A reminder that not all life was hunky dory in the 1940's.

The old cars certainly had style. Imagine going for a drive down country lanes in the Summer in one of these.

There were plenty of old bicycles on display.

Followed by more old cars. This one looks rather special.

There is also a little train ride - where you get to feed the deer - who were very greedy!

There was a wonderful falconry display. Children and adults were allowed to meet the animals.

As a treat our daughter was allowed to have her photograph taken with an owl!

In other buildings there were old farm machinery - tractors, threshing machines, etc.

There was even a place to be introduced to the animals.

This really was a good day out and there was plenty to see as these photographs hopefully show!

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