Monday, 29 November 2010

Forde Abbey in August

Sorry for the absence! We have been away for a few days in the West Country. We drove down on Friday night. The weather was fine when we set off but as we got near to our destination the snow fell. We had to make a de-tour as the road was blocked!

Meanwhile, to cheer us all up - some photographs from Forde Abbey. I have posted about this place before. It is such a good day out and now that we have become members I am sure that we will have more posts about this place.

The flower and vegetable garden at Forde Abbey. It is so well cared for.

Trying to be artisitic with the flowers!

A photograph of Charlie - the dog, my husband, me and my mum and dad taken by our daughter.

In August the gardens were blooming and the colours were just wonderful!

There is a water fountain!

Makes you want to eat cabbage!

More colourful flowers!

And finally, an illustration from a childrens book of Siamese(?) cats.

In tomorrow's post I will show you a few more things that we got up to this Summer.

The temperature has dropped significantly and it is time to wrap up and keep warm.
I'm off to make myself a nice, hot cup of tea!

Until next time.


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