Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A Walk around Winchester ...

Hello there! This is a continuation of our walk on Sunday. I took far too many photos, as usual! Better to split it into two posts! We were in Winchester having completed our walk along the River Itchen.
My eye was drawn to this stone sculpture and I have to admit that my first thought was - what an ugly baby! The proportions are all wrong - look at those massive hands and the face is that of an ageing bald bloke not a child!

As we were walking past the house where Jane Austen spent her last days the OH said, "Get a photo of that dog - it's a good photo opportunity!" He's getting into this camera lark - only slightly, mind you. I know that at times he gets frustrated as I take too long!

And then we walked past another window. This terrier went absolutely berserk when he saw George. He was snarling and baring his teeth. Poor George, he began to quake!

There are many fascinating buildings in Winchester and we will have to come back another day.

KP discovered a lollipop in her sleeveless jacket. How long it had been there, who knows - she decided to eat it anyway!

We found a job for George!

We walked around the outside of the Cathedral.

And sat awhile resting out tired feet.

We saw that bollards had been decorated.

KP had done an art project at school and so was able to identify this as a copy of the work of Magritte. She liked the fact that the top of the bollard resembled a bowler hat which complimented the art.

A take on Toulouse-Lautrec.

We came across something akin to street art but not a patch on what we see in Brick Lane and Shoreditch.

The Guildhall clock tower.

The statue of King Alfred - who burnt the cakes!

And finally, the oldest building in Winchester.

There we have it, our tour of Winchester. We had to stop and shop in White Stuff - I got myself a scarf and KP went into a shop called Tinc and bought a pen, pencil and some tortoise shaped erasers. I think that she has that stationary bug that I have!

Until next time,



  1. Gorgeous photos June, what a wonderful walk and day out you had. I love those painted bollards - the one with the bowler hat especially. Thank you so much for your lovely comment over on my blog. xx

  2. Don't let KP see the filofax site, Eleanor's discovered it after I've gone back to using a filofax, and now she's the owner of two filofaxes in different sizes herself. Wouldn't be so bad if they weren't so blooming expensive. What a great walk you had, first the river and then the town. I can see exactly what you mean about that baby, and they say all babies are beautiful....I don't think so.

  3. The bollards are wonderful! I love random pieces of street art like that, it's so inspiring and fun. And yes, that baby in the statue is just weird looking. x

  4. winchester looks like an interesting place to explore and painting the bollards was a brilliant idea, I hope that catches on elsewhere!

  5. Happy 1st of May June.
    I have been missing you. something has gone wrong with my readers post updates.
    I have tried to get it working better.. it seems to be.
    I thought if you sign out of my blog..then re sign in.. it will work..and it did for many that were not getting my posts..but i am still not appearing on the readers list.
    Thanks for your comments June.. What a lovely post you have written today about Winchester.
    Reading it, i was singing winchester cathedral to myself.. it looks a lovely town.
    full of history.
    KP is growing..
    Those bollards are amazing.. a very clever idea. makes things more interesting.
    best wishes
    val x

  6. Hiya, lovely to catch up with you again - your blog comment made me realise you had dropped off my reading list (I guess when I switched from google reader). Love those bollards and Gearoge's new job - he looks very proud of himself! Nothing wrong with a good stationary addiction! JUliex

  7. I love seeing places that are so familiar to me on other blogs and the things that other people notice. I like the Jubilee bollard, probably the tea and cakes does it for me!
    Lisa x

  8. I loved the pictures of the dogs looking through the window! These are great pictures of Winchester, I like the bollards and I wouldn't be able to resist a visit into White Stuff either!
    Sarah x

  9. I love Winchester - I really must go back again one day. What a lovely old'ish' dog and yep! most definitely a super photo opportunity.

    Nina x

  10. Hello June
    Impressive photos and as I have never been to Winchester this is a great tour for me.
    A lovely day out and inspires me to visit when I'm next in the Uk.
    Those painted bollards are such a good idea not quite sure which one I like the best so I'll just settle for all of them.
    Many thanks for your kind comment on my previous post.

    keep well

    Amanda xx


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