Monday, 4 February 2013

The Butterflies at Wisley ...

Hello there! Many thanks as always for your comments on my previous post and a warm "Hello" to new followers. On Friday I went to Guildford for my Improvers Photography Course. I took with me the photographs that I had taken of KP in the snow and the landscape snow shots that I had shown in a previous post. Other members of the club showed their photos and some members hadn't brought any.
Some members photos were really good. Before I showed my photos I regaled to the group the discussion that had occurred at home after I'd shown the OH the developed photos. It went something like this,
"They're really crap, aren't they? What do you think the tutor will say?"
The OH reply, "I think the tutor will say, shouldn't you try the Badminton Course!"
Well, with that resounding endorsement I revealed my photos. The tutor said that they were good - she liked the look on KP's face and said that they told a story and that was what the assignment had been about!
She gave me a few pointers as to what I could have done to blur out the background so that it didn't compete so much with the overall effect.

After the Course I went to Wisley with a fellow photographer to see the butterflies in the Glass House.
I would like to tell you dear readers that I took these photos on the manual setting but alas I only took one on that setting. I think that something is going wrong with my camera - the little screen on the back started to flicker, like strip lighting does when it's about to go on the blink and then it started humming! I think a trip to the repairers is likely.

Anyhow, without further ado and nonsense - here are the butterflies. I paid the princely sum of 50p for a Butterfly Spotter Guide and can tell you that the above is a Tree Nymph!

This is a Great Mormon.

The Tree Nymph's were more into the art of posing than most of the butterflies. Many were swooping around - way too fast to be photographed especially with a blinking and humming camera!

This rather fabulous looking one is an Asian Swallowtail.

An Achilles Morpho.

A Blue Morpho. I liked how this one posed.

A Blue Morpho or an Achilles Morpho with its wings closed. They both look the same to me!

An Owl Butterfly.

Blue Morpho determined not to show his vibrant inner blue wings.

Showing a bit of a peek but that was as far as it got!

This is the photo I took on Manual. This is either a Great Mormon or a Common Mormon!

The ever obliging Tree Nymph.

And finally, an Achilles Morpho.

The time went by ever so quickly and it was soon time to pack the cameras away and to head back home. KP went to a friends house after school and then to a Youth Club. The first she'd ever been to. She had a brilliant time.

Well, that seems to be all for now.

Until next time,


N.B. The Butterfly in the first photo is an Orange-Banded Shoemaker!


  1. The butterflies are absolutely beautiful. Some people freak at the sight of them but I think they are gorgeous.We sometimes go to the Butterfly house at Roundhay park.

  2. Wow, what a lot of butterflies, some really unusual ones there.

  3. I think there is something very spiritual about Butterflies, June!
    But YOUR photography is amazing! Well done YOU....
    Love Maria xa

  4. Your photographs are wonderful, June! I'm glad you got some positive feedback on your previous photos of KP in the snow and hope you can sort out the problem with your camera:)

  5. I hope you can sort out the problem with your camera, I know I'd hate to be without mine. Your photos are beautiful and so are the butterflies, the colour on that blue one is amazing.

  6. Hi June, I really enjoyed seeing all your photos of butterlflies during the summer so it was nice to see some more especially at this time of year.The butterflies species at Wisley are amazing. I'm sorry to hear about your camera and hope you get it back soon,particularly with you doing your course.
    Sarah x

  7. I think your shots of the butterflies are amazing June.
    I hope that you get your camera sorted out.
    You have taken some great shots of butterflies over the months.. I could not ever remember all their names..but some are beautiful.
    thank you for sharing them ..
    val x

  8. Your photos are really good. So clear! They really are amazing when you see them close up.

    Gillian x

  9. Love the owl butterfly, you can really see how that got it's name.
    Hope the camera gets fixed ok.
    How much fun will KP be having now at a new youth club, really great idea for getting out and socialising.
    Lisa x

  10. Wow June! I really don't think it matters what setting you use when your pics are this interesting. These butterflies are amazing and your images convey that :)

  11. Beautiful photos of these colourful butterflies. Hope you get your camera fixed soon.

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