Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Too Much of the White Stuff ...

Hello there! Sorry for the absence - sometimes life gets in the way! Like most of the country we have experienced massive snowfall and cold temperatures. The central heating has been cranked up and many cups of tea and coffee have been drunk to keep the circulation going!

The back garden - the table and chairs iced in snow.

Geroge loves the snow. Charlie isn't so sure.

George barks to be let out every half hour so that he can frolick in it! The kitchen floor ends up in a dreadful state but he doesn't care!

As I was looking out of the window - I spotted this novel way of getting your shopping home!

The snow has meant more time spent at home, which has meant that I've been on the computer looking at things and spending too! Do you like this dachshund? I spotted him on Folksy. I had been looking for something as a finishing touch on a chest of drawers in the bedroom.

Not content with one dachshund - I spotted this one on ebay and was as pleased as punch when my bid won! I love his diamante effect collar. He now proudly sits on another chest of drawers.

Who's this? It's Charlie in a Buster Collar or should I say wearing a Collar of Shame / Lampshade. He somehow managed to dislocate one of his claws on his right front paw. We don't quite know how it happened, we just noticed him limping on Friday night after he'd come back from his walk. We initially thought that he might have just bruised his paw but after seeing him unwilling to leave his bed for two days and, when he did just hobbling on three legs we knew it was time to go to the vets.
Whilst there he was given the once over as we had discovered a lump on his neck - luckily the vet came to the conclusion that this was nothing to worry about but a blood sample was sent to the laboratory as the vet thinks he might have an underactive thyroid - all will be revealed tomorrow when the results are due back.
You can see in his eyes in this photo that he's not a happy chappie. He hasn't got the hang of the collar and keeps knocking into things especially my legs!

KP has turned 12. I've had to delay her Birthday party due to the snow! It is scheduled now for early February. Hopefully the white stuff will have cleared by then!

Thanks as always for your kind comments on my last post.

Until next time,



  1. Poor Charlie, sounds like it must have been very sore :( Our dogs are torn between wanting to play in the snow and wanting to warm, so quite a bit of in and out here too! Love your Dachshunds, what brilliant finds :) xx

  2. Happy Birthday to KP, they grow up so fast don't they? Hope she has a great time at her party, all the snow should be gone by then but I'm keeping my fingers crossed just to make sure :-)

    Poor Charlie, it can't be easy to have that around his neck. Hope he recovers quickly.

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter.
    Love all your doggies, real and otherwise!

  4. Poor Charlie, I hope he recovers soon as I know doggies don't like those nasty collars around their neck. Happy birthday to KP. Sorry that the snow thwarted plans for her party but she now still has something to look forward to. Love the dachshunds, they're really cute.

  5. Oh I do hope Charlie's foot gets better soon and that his tests come back ok. There's nothing worse than a pet who's not well and can't tell us what's wrong. Happy birthday to your daughter.
    Patricia x

  6. The dogs look gorgeous snow tipped. Poor Charlie - hope he is OK.

    Happy Birthday to KP !

  7. Happy Birthday to your daughter!Hope she had a great day and having her party delayed means she gets a double celebration!
    Poor Charlie, hope he is better soon.
    Lovely snow photos, but I wish now it would just GO!!!!!
    Have a good weekend June, as its nearly that time again!
    Gill xx

  8. Hi June,
    It's nice to see you again and your lovely photos. Have you finished your course yet? Poor Charlie I hope he is soon better,what does he think of the collar? Daisy hates it when she has to wear one.
    Sarah x

  9. Happy Birthday to your girl - what a shame that she had to postpone her party. I hope Charlie gets better soon. We've had enough of the snow and slush here now and I'd like it all to melt and go away!

    Gillian x

  10. Poor Charlie, hope all will be well and Happy Birthday to your daughter too! I love your photos of Charlie and George in the snow - such sweet, wet faces:)

  11. I’ve nominated you on my blog for a “Liebster” award – an award for blogs I like to visit. There are (aren’t there always?!) particular rules that one is supposed to follow...However, I do appreciate that many bloggers find such things a bit tedious, or not actually what they blog for. So, if it doesn’t float you boat, no worries. Just be happy that I’ve (hopefully) sent others to look at your blog and enjoy it as much as I do. If you do want to join in, then hop over to my blog to find out the “rules”.

  12. So many handsome doogy faces in this post, real ones and the toy ones.
    Hope Charlie is ok.
    Belated birthday wishes to KP, this way she gets to do lots of celebrating!
    Hope you are warmer by now.
    Lisa x


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