Monday, 8 October 2012

We Go To Petworth House ...

Hello there! A quick "Thank You" for your comments about "Daniel" in my last post. It always amazes me how well animals settle into their new surroundings. Having been separated from their mums, puppies and kittens adapt so quickly. Charlie, our standard wire-haired dachshund just fitted in straight away - there was no whining or whimpering, even on his first night. George, our spaniel - although he and Charlie took to each other from the off - we had a few sleepless nights as he howled, like a thing possessed.  Luckily, this was short lived!

On Saturday, we decided to visit Petworth House and Park in Sussex. It is a National Trust property. We have driven through Petworth when on our way elsewhere in the past and commented that one day we would have to visit.

Having attended my photography course on Thursday I did try to take a few photos on the manual setting but they turned out to be rubbish and so got deleted. It was taking me too long to faff about anyway so it was  easier to slip the camera back onto auto!

On the way to the house (there is a bit of a trek from the car park) we passed many trees - some were beginning to shed their leaves and there was a distinct chill in the air despite the warm sunshine trying to convince us to the contrary.

We came upon The Temple.

Built in memory to Henry Wyndham who died at El Alamein.

The trees beginning to look Autumnal.

Another view of The Temple.

The sky really was this blue. Having had a lot of rain and a grey sky all week, it was a pleasant and welcoming surprise.

We approached the house. This is a side view. It is a vast manor house, built in the 17th century. Only a few rooms are open to the public but if you are an art lover then this is the place for you as it has 300 artworks  by famous artists including Turner, Van Dyck and Titan.
Personally, I prefer smaller properties with a more homely feel to them but you can't fail to be impressed.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of these hydrangeas against that blue sky.

We came across a Shepherds Hut. I love these and wish that our garden was big enough and that my purse was deep enough to have one!

At this time of year I am always fascinated by berries and their colour.

I loved the red of these berries and the raindrops on the leaves.

We came across the kitchens - with their displays of cooking paraphernalia.

Copper cooking utensils.

I love these old pottery jars.

More copper - pans and a kettle. We stopped and had some lunch in the cafe and I had a very delicious slice of Victoria sponge. The diet starts soon!

Once out of the cafe we headed toward The Park passing more leaves with raindrops.

And an urn in the garden.

The Park was designed by Capability Brown. They have a large herd of fallow deer here. There is a total of 30 acres to explore - we only saw a very small part.

We spotted some mushrooms.

And many feathers.

We came to the lake.

We walked round to The Boat House. We would have enjoyed a further walk into The Park but thought that we had better head back to the house to see the inside before it was too late.

We saw many marble busts and statues.

We saw many paintings.

We came to the room that was ornately decorated with carved wood. The painting above the fireplace is of Henry VIII. You can only see his feet in my photo as there was too much glare on the painting from the sunshine pouring into the room through the many windows to take a full photo. In this room there were four Turner paintings.

Having viewed many of the paintings as well as a painted ceiling we walked leisurely back towards the car park.

Taking in the changing of the seasons.

The sun was getting lower in the sky.

And before you knew it we were back to where we'd started!

That was our Saturday taken care of. On Sunday it was housework and gardening for the OH and me - with trips to the tip - exciting stuff! As for KP well she had plenty of homework to get on with and then pestered me to make a Victoria Sponge with her - mainly because she wanted to lick the bowl afterwards!

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  1. Hi June!
    This looks a great place to visit - like you we have passed by but never stopped - now we must.
    How lucky that the weather was bright too!
    Lovely photos, hope you persevere with your photography course and try out a bit more, Im sure you will take even more breathtaking photos once you have even more control!
    Have a good week - wet and dull here today.
    Gill xx

  2. What a gorgeous day, just look at that blue sky. Everywhere is showing signs of autumn now, the leaves on the trees, the toadstools in the grass. Sunday was homework day here too.

  3. The kitchens at Petworth House have been featuring in a television programme I've been watching about the history of servants so it was great to see your photos. I like the shepherd's hut and the ice cream coloured hydrangea. Your photos as always are wonderful:)

  4. We used to visit Petworth House. I grew up in Sussex. Lovely photos as always - the Hydrangea is stunning & I adore the Shepherd's hut !

  5. That looks like an interesting property with lots to see and you even had a lovely blue sky, how lucky is that? Your photos are beautiful as always, those Autumn colours are so vibrant I really love this time of the year.

  6. My parents keep trying to persuade us to visit Petworth. They have stayed at the Old Railway Station a few times and rave about it. We must head over that way sometime. Your photos are lovely ... as is Daniel in your previous post! M x

  7. Stunning photos, thanks for taking us on a tour :) What pretty hydrangeas and I love the old shepherds hut (I also wish I had one of those in my backyard..just a dream for the moment though).
    All the cooper pots and pans remind me of Downton Abbey in the downstairs kitchen :)
    Have a lovely week..keep snapping those lovely photos!
    Magie x

  8. Another lovely trip out which has produced lots more fab photos of the natural world. And I'm loving those of the kitchen, very Downton Abbey!
    Lisa x

  9. This is a most beautiful post June,
    I have to congratulate you on your photography. I notice that in some of them, you have only the actual subject in focus.. thats amazing. I think i need a new camera.!
    A very old English manor home Petworth House.
    I can only imagine what tales the walls can tell us!
    Love the stone statue of the dog!
    val x

  10. Never been to Petworth but I've always wanted to go. Lots of lovely photos - my favourite is the shepherd's hut, I'd love one of those!

  11. I do love that shepherd's hut - oh if I had the money....!

    You have chestnuts - we have none and no walnuts or conkers either. Gawd knows what's going on with out trees this year.

    Nina x

  12. What a lovely place to visit. I always prefer the grounds to the houses. I try to be interested in the inside of NT places but I soon get bored and just want to get outside again!

    I always think you take fantastic photos, I don't think it matters really if there taken on auto or manual - the end result is all that matters - but I have found sometimes I can't get a photo to look right on auto and that's why I'm now trying to figure out manual!

    I love Shepherd huts too. We can't even afford a house though, let along a house with a garden and money to spare for any sort of garden hut!

  13. A lovely post June, Your photos are stunning.
    Like Nina says above, we have had no Horse chestnuts and conkers either!
    Our trees here are just starting to turn...
    Have a lovely week June and wrap up warm.
    Thanks for kind words always over on mine!
    LoVe Maria x

  14. Your tour of Petworth reminds me of when I visited with friends - we were at college in Winchester and we strolled around Petworth grounds, pretending we owned the place! Ian made a wonderful picnic and we had a great day. Because you live in the same area, many of your visits (Selbourne, The Vyne, and now Petworth) remind me of those days. Thank you for that!

    Your photos really are lovely. You are very talented.

  15. Hello June and thank you for dropping by - we live in Southsea so too have visited Petworth now and again. I particularly like the grounds and outdoor space.
    I quite happily mix a cake just to eat the mix....
    Oh dear
    Best wishes

  16. Hi June, thank you for posting about us. Your pictures are gorgeous, glad to read that you enjoyed your visit!


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