Saturday, 29 September 2012

A Visit to Mottisfont ...

Hello there! Many "Thanks" for your comments on my last post.
On Saturday we ventured out to Mottisfont - a National Trust property near Romsey in Hampshire.
The weather was kind, a sharp contrast when earlier in the week the rain had just kept on coming down. It was relentless.
I didn't feel confident enough to try and have the camera on its manual setting but when I've had my lessons - who knows!

As you arrive at Mottisfont - you have to cross a small bridge. This photo was taken from that bridge - look how clear the water is. Further upstream we saw the trout, doing their utmost to swim against the current. How hard they worked and how athletic they were when some bread was thrown in!

As we walked towards the house there were signs that Autumn is upon us. The leaves are changing from their Summer green to Autumnal hues of yellow and brown and falling off the trees.

We walked towards the Stream Garden.

We witnessed some fungi growing in the grass.

We went inside the house for a gander and were told that photographs could be taken inside some of the rooms only. I found the interior a bit of a disappointment in comparison to other Natonal Trust properties that we have visited recently. The others had a more homely feel to them. There was plenty to see outside though and that's where we spent most of our time.

As you know I'm normally a bit snap happy - but inside this property I only took two photos!

The beauty of this place for me was definitely the gardens. I love cyclamens. They look so dainty and yet must be so hardy to survive the colder months.

We walked past some interesting statues.

This gentleman just about covering his modesty!

KP demonstrating how lovely the weather was - no need for a coat just a cardi to keep out the slight chill in the air.

We came to the back of the property.

I loved the dappled effect that the sun had on the leaves showing the veins in greater detail.

We came to the stable block where there was a full size sculpture of a horse. It is also where the ice-cream parlour is situated and yes, we were once again pestered!

We headed for the walled garden where there are hundreds of old-fashioned roses. Although not at their best at this time of year there were still many roses to see and smell. Such heavenly scents.

I loved the colour of this one.

We came across many Red Admirals.

To think that a month ago I had hardly seen any Red Admirals and had commented on a lack of them but over the past two weeks I've seen hundreds.

I liked this Red Admiral posing on this wonderful rose.

Another spectacular rose.

Plenty of rose hips.

A hover fly on a japanese anenome.

We also came across many Comma butterflies. We only saw Red Admirals and Commas though. There were no Tortoiseshell nor any Peacock or, if there were, they were well hidden!

Another Red Admiral.

And another Comma!

I liked the effect of the water on these leaves.

We came across the dahlias which were in full bloom and looking at their best.

We came across some fallen horse chestnuts.

And spotted many more in the trees.

We came across a fallen conker.

And some cones!

As we headed back towards the car park we witnessed more fallen leaves.

Soon we will be walking in the woods with that crunchy leaf sound underfoot.

And in the car park we spotted this little fella - a chaffinch.

I couldn't believe that it remained on the ground to allow me to take these photos but I'm so glad that it did.

Following our visit we popped in to see the OH's mum and her husband and to see their new puppy - Daniel, a King Charles Cavalier - seriously cute, but that will all be for another posting.

Until next time,



  1. The gardens at Mottisfont look so lovely with all those roses still in bloom. I love the picture of the water and the tree branches it is quite magical!
    Sarah x

  2. I always enjoy looking through your photos they're so beautiful. I love the one of the branch with pine cones, that could be used as a Christmas card and that sculpture of a horse is just amazing.

    I couldn't help noticing the pattern on KP's cardi, it's really nice. Did you make it?

  3. Glorious photographs of glorious gardens. The photo of the back of the property could almost be of Erddig near me, and I love how at the front you can see how the house has been added to and has grown :D

  4. Hello June,
    You do go on some lovely trips!
    Love the mushroom picture and views from the bridge!
    Have a week full of loveliness...
    love Maria x

  5. Lovely photos! I like the seasonal contrast between the still lovely roses and dahlias and the autumnal photos of conkers, pine cones and turning leaves. I love the little chaffinch too:)

  6. What a wonderful place & great photo opportunity ! I wish my husband would take me to these lovely gardens...yesterday I was on the phone to my mother & told her husband was out sailing. She kept saying, " he's doing what ? " and as she's a bit deaf I kept repeating it ...then I realised she was joking ! Of course husband was out sailing !

  7. I love the little Chaffinch, he blends in with the fallen leaves. It's a sure sign that autumn is here, all the leaves are starting to fall to the ground, and it always seems to happen so quickly too. Can't wait to hear all about the new puppy, you know I love Cavalier's, I've got one.

  8. Again, you have shown us some beautiful photos! I feel ashamed by mine!! I remember going to an open air performance of Shakespeare (Midsummer Night's Dream?) at Mottisfont some 30 odd years ago, when I was at college in Winchester. A lovely evening!

  9. The sculpture of the horse was very interesting!

  10. What a grand place! Such stunning photo's, you really have an eye for it. I love the one with the sunshine through the leaves and the chaffinch is just adorable. Thanks for taking us on a little tour :)
    Magie x

  11. I seem to have missed this post so I'm glad I popped by! I really love the autumnal feel to this post and your photos are lovely. I'm trying to step away from manual settings to and did an 8 hour course with the local wildlife trust but I don't feel confident and can't remember everything! Those I took on Saturday, in many cases I had to take several of each view trying out various settings until I eventually found one that looked reasonable. It doesn't help that DSLR equipment is way out of my price range. It's all too tempting to flick the dial to auto on my little bridge camera, especially when that gives such good results but I hope I can get there one day with the manual settings!

    This may sound strange but I really love KP's cardigan and wondered if you could tell me where it was from?! I may be nearly 30 but either I'm tiny or children are large these days as I can shop in children's sections, hehe. I'm after some nice warm woollies as school is cold in winter!

  12. what a lovely, lovely post. love all the photos they are gorgeous and autumnal. xxx

  13. Love the hint of autumn in your photos.
    We had such a lovely day there a couple of years ago.
    I have just read your other post, the new puppy is very cute indeed!
    Lisa x


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