Friday, 21 September 2012

A Recent Purchase, the Last Butterflies and a Visit from Charlotte ...

Well, it seems like ages since I last did a post on this blog of mine but in truth it is only a week and a bit! Things have been a bit hectic here - hence the absence!
Thank You for all your lovely comments on my last post about our visit to The Sculpture Park - it was a remarkable place.
Summer has left us and you can feel the onset of Autumn in the air, it feels more chilly and the nights are drawing in.

You may ask yourself why the photo of the chest of drawers! The clue was in the title to this post. I did the wrong thing on a visit to town last week - I walked past the vintage shop and saw this in the back of the shop. I had a mahogany chest in the spare bedroom which I'd purchased years and years ago and in truth it was falling to pieces and this just seemed to fit the bill and so it came home with me.

I took these photos of butterflies in the back garden last week when it was decidedly warmer. I haven't seen a butterfly since this photo shoot. The cooler air has signalled their departure. We have many spiders though and if you don't like them, then please be warned there are photos of a spider at the end of this post.

We planted three sedums by our front door last year and they have been a magnet for bees and butterflies for the past month. The buddleia we planted has not proved such a success - I didn't see one butterfly on it all Summer!

During the latter half of the Summer there were many butterflies - mostly tortoiseshell and not the usual Red Admirals which seemed to be in short supply this year for whatever reason - maybe they prefer warmer weather than the tortoiseshell?

Some more tortoiseshell butterflies - this time in the back garden.

I like the fluffiness of the butterfly in this photo.

The tortoiseshell in all its resplendent glory.

And now to our new visitor. As I was putting some empty milk bottles outside the front door, I spotted this creature weaving its web. I quickly deposited the bottles and ran back indoors to get my trusted camera.

Doesn't the spider look like the one from Charlotte's Web - if you look closely (sorry to those who have got this far and just don't like spiders).

An even closer look.

Well, that spider got mighty busy - swirling round and round and climbing up and down, making the most intricate of webs. How nature fascinates me.

Well, the washing and ironing is calling me - so must dash!

Until next time,



  1. Wow now that spider looks dangerous up close. I love your new drawers especially the key hole establishments. Lovely pictures on this post enjoy your ironing. Tracy x

  2. Truly beautiful photos of the butterflies sitting on the flowers.
    I only saw a couple of white butterflies during the whole of summer. Usually i get red admirals ,like you showed us before, and others, but not this year.
    I love your chest.. its lovely.
    I dont like spiders, but they intrigue me..just as you wrote..weaving their web.
    great post June.
    Happy weekend

  3. The chest of draws is gorgeous , and as always you capture nature so beautifully, yes Autumn is here, the trees are gently turning
    Thea x

  4. Years ago I found the largest spider that I have ever seen in my bedroom. No camera or pictures of it, I just had to get it out of my bedroom fast.

  5. We have a spider who lives behind the wing mirror of our car. Sometimes s/he comes out while I'm driving and I have to slow down, as I don't want him/her to get blown away! Very sensibly S/he doesn't come out when I'm driving down the motorway!

  6. The chest is gorgeous, I like it a lot. Good find! While I don't like spiders, I think your shots of the spider and web are pretty wonderful.

  7. Must confess I got the heebie jeebies when I saw the spider pics but they are very clever and I never seem to mind them if they are outside.Its when they come in that freaks me out!
    I havent seen many butterflies at all this year, must have been the weather.

  8. What a beautiful chest of drawers and what a great find as they don't make them like that anymore.Lovely photos of the butterflies and the spider. Although I don't like spiders I love the intricate patterns of their webs.

  9. The chest of drawers are just gorgeous, of course they had to come home with you!
    Hope you have a good weekend.
    Lisa x

  10. Me again!
    There was just you and one other who wanted the cards, so S didn't have a hard job picking a name out of the hat! Unfortunately it was the other person's name, but if you wouldn't mind emailing me your address I'd like to send you a little something anyway as I'd feel very mean otherwise!
    Lisa x

  11. The drawers look amazing! I am jealous xx

  12. I am always wary in the gaden at this time of year as those garden spiders seem to weave their webs everywhere I want to walk with webs stringing across the pathways between the bushes. I've only seen cabbage or small white butterflies in our garden this year neither the buddleia nor the sedum are attracting any others, having said that we've just got back from a visit to a local garden and there were loads on their sedum plants. Love your chest of drawers:)

  13. The chest of drawers is gorgeous, it would have been hard to leave it in the shop. I've recently bought a sedum for the garden so I hope it does as well at attracting butterflies to my garden, I've hardly seen a single one this year. I'm not a lover of spiders but I think they're so clever in the way they spin their web. I just wish they'd stay in the garden and not make their way indoors when the colder weather arrives, I've had lots in the house just recently.

  14. Lovely find ! Your photos are you exhibit ? Loved seeing the butterflies & bees this year in the garden. I don't mind spiders any more & can even pick them up to gently remove them ! ( always thought vacuuming them down was horrific ! )
    I am rearranging the postponed Bloggers' trip to Highgate cemetery in October( hope you can join us )

  15. Hello June,
    such a lovely post and just yesterday we had visits from butterflies too!
    They aren magical and have been very few and far between, with all the wet weather....
    I had a closer look and could see 'Charlotte's' face in Mrs spider.
    I have a soft spot for them...haha xx
    Have a happy week love Maria x
    Thanks for your lovely visit to me too...

  16. A trip next year sounds good & hope by then you are fighting fit ! x

  17. No worries re. spider pics here, they are such fascinating creatures and those are fabulous images :D

    I think if there were any butterflies out there today they's be washed away! Hope you're faring better weather-wise!

  18. Beautiful chest of drawers, I can see why you just had to take it home :) Such a lovely style and paint colour.
    I am always fascinated with how the spider weaves it's web..they put so much work into it.
    Magie x


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