Monday, 28 May 2012

A Walk in Selborne

Hi there! Wasn't this weekend just gone a rather hot one! Too hot to be doing any housework - the washing and ironing and virtually all other household tasks were put on hold! A temporary suspension from all domestic chores! The OH's mum came round on Saturday morning and we trundled off to the local Garden Centre where we purchased some plants for the tubs in the back garden before retiring to the local pub for lunch! We wiled away the time watching the world go by whilst Miss. K. enjoyed herself in the play area.

When the sun went down we assembled the newly purchased plants and arranged which flowers should go into which pot - decisions, decisions! Miss. K. had chosen five plants for her own pot and assisted with the planting process. Yesterday and this morning she has got up extra early to water the plants!

Before we planted one pot we had to get rid of the pansies that had grown there from November and which still had about 20 great pansies but the leaves were pretty pathetic and so out the pansies came! I took a photo just to remind me of their beauty!

We had thought of buying some geraniums but the selection was poor so we purchased some pelargoniums instead!

We also purchased this daisy like flower and the usual petunias and some trailing plants!

We were given this climbing hydrangea by the OH's dad when we moved here 15 years ago. For the first five or six years it was a sad looking twig but now it has spread and spread and looks lovely hiding the wooden fence!

Tonight, we took the dogs for a walk and went to Selborne. I would love to take a peak inside this cottage!

Another view further down the lane!

We enter the fields! Miss. K. has always hated butter and hoped that the buttercup didn't disagree!

Wild flowers!

The public footpath!

A friendly ladybird!

Someone climbed a tree whilst wearing their flip-flops and one fell off and had to be retrieved from the water which was very cold, apparently!

More wild flowers!

The Church at Selborne!

Wonderful cottages!

I hope that you all had a great weekend and that you enjoy the week ahead!

Until next time,



  1. Hello June,
    What a lovely post. your photos are so beautiful. such lovely flowers
    and your daughter looks so lovely and happy.
    Its great to be able to fill our pots and renew or revive the flowers.
    Its hot here too.
    I have never been to Selborne .. but i attended Selborne school in Salisbury Zimbabwe.. Possibly named after the Selborne family.
    thank you june. I notice that your heading on is outdated.. i joined the one where there is a couple of cats on the heading.. !! however i still take time to pass by.
    happy tuesday evening

  2. too hot for housework! Yep, we love your sentiments and share them. Great post, thoroughly enjoyable! Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  3. Thank you for popping by and leaving a comment. As we live live in the same county I think I shall be making a note of looking out for that circular walk around Alresford. It's somewhere we've never been as a family.
    Lisa x

  4. Hi June,
    I find that places selling plants are like sweet shops I can't come out empty handed! Your purchases are lovely and also the pictures of wild flowers too. Selborne looks like a lovely English village, thanks for sharing.
    I am having the same problem as Val, your current posts do not show on my reading lists or blog list. Your blog is showing as not updated for a year on my blog list. I have also noticed this on other blogs that follow you. So I apologise it I don't notice immediately if you have published another post.
    Sarah x

  5. I love Selborne. Gilbert White's house and garden is a nice place to visit but the whole village is so pretty. xx

  6. Wonderful post....a chance to relax for a minute or two away from those photos...ladybird one particularly.
    My sister is mad about gardening centres and I thoroughly enjoy visiitng them with her when I return to the UK...but I do get a bit peeved that I can't take any plants away with me.
    What part of the West country do you usually go to?

    Amanda :-)

  7. I love the old rambling houses in Selbourne and that the old tree and church....bring back so many childhood memories. I must take the kids up the zig, zag next time we are down.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina xx

  8. Selbourne looks delightful & you have captured this in your wonderful photographs.
    I love my climbing Hydrangea which took a bit of a battering in all that raion tho of course it does love water !

  9. Lovely photos June. One of my favourite activities is potting up new plants, so satisfying when it's all finished and looking magnificent. My next post from the botanic gardens in Pisa is going to be all about pelagorniums. I love them.

  10. Lovely photos June. One of my favourite activities is potting up new plants, so satisfying when it's all finished and looking magnificent. My next post from the botanic gardens in Pisa is going to be all about pelagorniums. I love them.Replica horloges


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