Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A New / Old Bookcase ...

Can you see the bookcase above - well, it's hard to miss it! What with the itching and the scratching from that awful rash I had to keep my hands occupied, you see! One way of doing this was to go on to ebay and look at random things! I had been looking out for an old bookcase for ages, years infact - to house our ever growing number of books! I think we could open a mini library here if truth beknown! I couldn't believe my luck when I espied this one. I thought that I wouldn't win the auction as 9 times out of 10 I seem to loose out which was why I hadn't placed a bid on any item for at least 6 months. Anyhow, lady luck was on my side on this one. The OH went to collect it yesterday and it has been in situ now for 24 hours and I'm absolutely thrilled with it!
Please don't look too closely at the side of the sofa - the cats use it as a scratching post! I really would like to buy another sofa but can't afford it! I may get new covers! The OH says "Why? So they can have a new cover to scratch?" He has a point!

I love old books and old children's books in particular. The Ameliaranne series is wonderful and the books have some absolutely fab illustrations!

A black spaniel arrives in the middle of the night at Ameliaranne's house. The dog's collar says that his name is Robin and that he belongs to Miss. Pennywinn who keeps a boarding school on the edge of  town. In the morning Ameliaranne and Wee William return the dog to Miss. Pennywinn at the school.

Miss. Pennywinn has to meet a new pupil for the school - all the way from India and Ameliaranne volunteers to look after the schoolchildren. They paint, they play at dressing up, and have a picnic.

And finally they do some gardening!
The books date back to the 1940's and I'm sure they've delighted many little girls (and big ones too!) over the years.

It wasn't too cold here today, infact it was quite mild which probably explains why there was only one cat in the house! Ruby was on Miss. K's bed! I noticed that she'd lost her collar - again!  Our other cats never loose their collars but Ruby is forever loosing hers - we're well into double figures on the collars front! Of course, a new collar also means a new tag!

The daffoldils bought by the OH aren't looking as fresh as they did a few days ago! I moved my vintage knitting needles closer to make them look less on the way out! I also moved this old cuddly dog from the study to complete the look! The OH spotted the dog many years ago in an old toy shop in Brighton and as it was near to my Birthday he came home with us! I've got to be careful that he doesn't fall onto the floor or else George, the spaniel will think its a new toy to play with!

The bouquet from friends though is flourishing as are my hyacinths - although they are more horizontal than vertical but the scent is heavenly! Does anyone have an idea how to make them stay upright!

And a Winstanley cat on the window sill! The OH says "As if we need any more cats and dogs in this house!"

Well, I'm off to make some pancakes!

Be back soon!



  1. Oh I just love those Ameliaranne books thank you for showing as I'd not heard of them before the illustrations are so lovely. Your bookshelf looks great what a lucky find, I'm always loosing on ebay too! Thanks so much for your comment. I just love old childrens books x

  2. Super bookcase ! I love the illustrations in old childrens' books ( I save a lot at the charity shop from being pulped !!! ) My Hyacinths are falling over too but so strongly scented that I've had to put them in the loo ! Last year they made us all sneeze - cats & dog included !
    About your comment about Anglesey... mum lived at the old coastguard house at Penmon point for twenty ish years then moved into Beaumaris. She misses it terribly but does go back. We had fantastic holidays there with her for many many years.

  3. l love your cat, Ruby..Shes just so pretty- beautiful in fact..l`m a sucker for cute dogs, cats & most animals.. Best WIshes, Hahnsmum.

  4. Hi June, I'm doing some back reading on the blogs I follow and noticed this post.I love all your vintage childrens books, I have a few myself, not as many as you though.I loved the 'Susan' books by Jane Shaw when I was a child and have four of them, I hadnt realised she had written several more though, but they are like hens teeth!


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