Friday, 25 November 2011

Cats and Dogs but No Eiderdowns!

A big, warm and hearty welcome to my new followers even though blogger seems to make you vanish and re-appear at a whim!
Yesterday I wasn't at work and had the day to myself! The house was eerily quiet as the dogs had gone with the Other Half first thing this morning - he was dropping them off at the dog groomers on his way to work.
There was no-one in the house apart from me and the cats!
If truth be known I am more of a cat person than a dog person. The Other Half on the other hand is the exact opposite - he far prefers the dogs to the cats.
Our Daughter is mad about both!

As I wandered around the house tidying I found Ruby on Our Daughter's bed. Most of the cats do tend to gravitate to her bedroom and in particular onto her bed. I know that some people may not like the idea of cats sleeping on beds but I think it makes a house more homely when there are pets about the place!

Now one thing that cats are is time wasters - they're very good at it. You see the cat, the cat sees you, it immediately starts to purr or miaow and that's it - I'm lost for ten minutes stroking the cat!
Ruby loves ribbons and to take photos of her all I've got to do is go to a drawer where I stash ribbons and wave one about and she's transfixed - it's not so easy moving the ribbon in one hand when you have a camera in the other though!

She quickly caught the ribbon and there was then a bit of a tug of war game that went on - she wanted it, I wanted it!

I took it away - "You've wasted enough of my time, thank you!"
"Please let me have another go!" How could I refuse such an appealing look!

Yes, little Ruby likes to play with ribbons.

Here she is watching the ribbon moving backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards.
"Right you little rascal - I'm putting the ribbon away to get on with some housework!"

I took the ribbon intending to tuck it away back in a drawer but noticed that this fat cat was on our bed - Archie.
He also likes playing with ribbons.
I don't get the opportunity of taking as many photos of Archie as the other cats as he's the one who's always outside until the cold weather comes along and then as if overnight he turns into an indoor cat - hell nor high water would shift him from the house!

"I'm watching that ribbon - I'm interested, all right!"

"Give it to me!"

"Don't you dare take it away again!"

"You're trying to take it away - I'm not stupid, you know!"

"I'm going to dig my claws into it, that way you can't get it back - I'm not just a pretty face, you know!"

"Why did you take this photo - it looks as if you've chopped my ears off!"

"Oh, heck - she's managed to get the ribbon back and put it in a drawer. I guess I'll just have to have another cat nap!"

After my twenty minute or so interlude playing with the animals I heard a commotion outside and saw that the two rascals had come back from the dog groomers. Charlie looks cute but poor George doesn't look at all happy! In fact he's been pretty miserable since he's been back! Being a spaniel he's normally very bouncy but has taken to his basket for much of the time since he's arrived home with an expression that seems to say - "You horrible lot look what you've allowed those people to do to me!"

Our Charlie!

Our George! I'm reminded of that Smiths song "Heaven knows I'm miserable now!"

Where were the rest of the animals you may ask?
Well, Oscar was fast asleep in our weekend away bag!

Milhaus was with Ruby on Our Daughter's bed - but he doesn't like playing with ribbons.
"I leave it to the youngsters to play silly games!"

"I wish you, the ribbon and the camera would go away so I could get some sleep!"

"Right, I've got my head down and I'm going to dream about catching a mouse not some stupid ribbon!"

When Milhaus is not asleep on a bed his favourite past-time is to guard the computer!

And what happened to Poppy - Well, she saw George and I had the camera with me but she was at the top of the stairs and I was at the bottom - so I had to crop the photo and that's why it's a bit blurred - but the look on her face says it all - "What the hell happened to you!" 

Sorry that there's a lot of photos but it just happened that all the cats were in - probably because the dogs were out! So I snapped away!

My next posting will now be next week some time!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Until next time,



  1. You have the most beautiful cats and the dogs are cute too!

  2. Hey June, you are so right....cats are terrible time wasters but I like to think of it as time to destress when you are sitting there stroking them.
    You feel better, they enjoy the attention, it's a win win situation.

    You certainly have some beautiful cats, Ruby, is gorgeous, then there's Archie, Oscar, Milhaus and Poppy, am I right, 5 cats? Wow.........

    Your Milhaus could almost double as my Tigger, love ginger cats. They are all lovely and it would be hard to walk past any of them and not stop for a cuddle or a pat.

    How do Charlie and George get on with the cats? Does the fur fly at times?

    I like dogs we used to have one, but these days I think I am more a cat person.........

    A lovely post, beautiful pics and thanks for popping over for a visit it was lovely to hear from you.

    Claire :}

  3. Fantastic photos ! Your cats are so fluffy & gorgeous. I'm a dog... and a cat person ! Must have both. Have three cats which is a lot but then - you have five !
    Frankie has taken to sleeping on Jess's pillow since she's been away and I go in to stroke her a lot.

    Billy takes naps in my ironing basket this week though earlier I found him snuggled up under Dillon's new bed. Bramble spends his days with our retired neighbours who love him. I don't mind as he needs a quieter life than we lead here !

    I agree pets make a home & I don't mind the cats on the beds. Dillon never goes upstairs. He is off to the groomers tomorrow thank goodness !

    Lovely post.

  4. Ooooooh! All your pets are so pretty!!
    Hug them all!


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