Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bees and Covent Garden!

I was working from home last Friday when I had occasion to place some rubbish in the dustbin. I opened our front door and ventured outside. By the front door we have some sedums and some lavender planted to have some sweet smell in the air. I quickly noticed that the plants were covered in bees - busy buzz-buzz-buzzing away. It seemed that Summer had returned and so by jove it had! What warm, hot weather we are having in the last week of September!

After throwing the rubbish out I retrieved the camera so that I would have some photos of the bees to share with you!

I tried to take a photo of the bees hovering as they do - but they were so intent on burying themselves in the plants that there wasn't much hovering going on!

 I don't think I'd seen quite so many chubby looking ones in one go before - there must have been more than 50 on 6 plants!

Slightly hovering and amazing to see!

Moving swiftly on to Sunday morning when we were in London. On Saturday night we had seen the final performance of Betty Blue Eyes at the Novello Theatre. We had been intent on buying the CD as Our Daughter had been singing some of the catchy songs since the first time we'd seen the production. Alas, the CD was sold out at the theatre. We were however reliably informed that a shop called Dress Circle in Covent Garden would stock it. On Saturday morning we walked to Covent Garden - we admired the market stalls and I bought a lovely red leather bound note pad with a cat on it! Our Daughter got a lollipop with Covent Garden written on it!

We went and watched a street performer - we had seen this guy here before - he's really very funny and knows how to attract a large crowd!

He got a few members of the audience to participate in his show!

I noted that before at the end of the performance he was asking people to give him £5 if they had enjoyed the show but that this time he was asking for £1 or £2 - demonstrating the times we live in, many families strapped for cash, etc.

We went in search of the Dress Circle in Monmouth Street. Inside we found the Betty Blue Eyes CD and next to it the Matilda CD - so we bought both!

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