Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Whitstable - A Very, Very, Special Place

When we booked our weeks holiday in Whitstable I had no idea how this place would seep its way into my soul. Every now and again in life you are caught up in something that's just wonderful and for us as a family to enjoy this together was smashing. On Wednesday of last week having travelled to Broadstairs on Monday and Canterbury on the Tuesday we concurred that we would stay in Whitstable and just chill out.
At lunch-time we went to a cafe called Rendez Vous where we had had a lovely lunch on Saturday.

As we walked through the town to the cafe, we dipped in and out of various shops looking at the lovely things that most of the shops had on sale. I also took a photo of some of the shops to remind me of this fabulous town.

What a lovely name for a shop "Pearl and Hemingway".

I like the name "Arsenic and Old Lace" but not sure that it was the right name for a shop selling childrens clothes. I remember seeing "Arsenic and Old Lace" at a local Theatre with my mum when I was much younger. My friends mum was playing one of the main characters - I can't remember if it was Aunt Abby or Aunt Martha but she was very good in it, that I do remember!

A lovely shop called "Starfish" that sold some beautiful things.

Don't ask me why I took this photo but it tickled my fancy that the bike is positioned to travel in the opposite direction to the one way sign!

The knitted bicycles that we had first seen on Saturday outside the cycle shop were parked on the opposite side of the road!

Some of the alleyways also had names which conjured up pirates and scoundrels up to all sorts in the days of old.

A shop that sold wool had this window display.

After lunch we made our way to the Whitstable Museum to see some new work by Julie Arkell. You may re-call that Julie Arkell had some of her work displayed at the "Smile" exhibition in Frome earlier this year. Having been introduced to Julie's work at that exhibition I was delighted when I read the Whitstable Oyster Festival Brochure which showed that she had an exhibition here.

At the Museum there were many, many works by Julie Arkell - far more than there had been in Frome. The only disappointing thing was that they were displayed in an area where the lighting was not very good and the backdrop for some of the work was the Museum's artexed walls which did nothing to enhance the carefully crafted whimsical papier mache which is Julie Arkell's trademark.

I really liked that rabbit on wheels to the left.

I was sorely tempted but just about managed to resist the urge.

These two were behind glass which made it very tricky to take any decent photograph.

After our visit to the Museum we walked back through the town - photographing some more of the lovely shop fronts.

This one was a lovely womens clothes shop which also sold some jewellery.

We cut back through the town to the harbour and saw many empty oyster shells.

The oysters were priced at £1 each. The Other Half had eaten oysters before but I had not. I have to confess the look of them does not lead me to want to try either. The Other Half bought three and said that we should all try them!

Here's the Other Half eating his oyster.

The look on Our Daughter's face said it all!

Being the brave soul that she is though she did actually try it, which did amaze me. Half way through though she spat it out! I told the Other Half that Our Daughter had put me off trying and so he ended up having a second one!

We returned back to the house and just to show you that Our Daughter was unharmed after the oyster eating attempt here is a photo of her an hour or so later.

Doesn't she look suntanned! The weather was so hot on Saturday and Sunday and being out and about on the Monday and Tuesday had resulted in her olive skin becoming brown. Me, well - let's just say - I'm still as pale skinned as ever! It really isn't fair!

A happy child! Why was she happy - because we had found some kites in the house and we were going onto the beach to fly them!

The wind was just right for kite flying!

Getting that kite in the air!

Showing off that she could fly the kite with one hand!

The Other Half has a go too!

Happy days indeed!
Oh, Whitstable you really are the very remarkable place that made my heart sing!

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  1. What lovely photographs. I saw another blog mentioning oysters at 1.00 pound each! I'm reeling at the cost. You should holiday in Brittany and you could feast on them and have change! Your blog is lovely, I will check in and follow your adventures:-)

  2. Hi June
    Thanks so much for visiting me and for your comments - how lovely to discover your beautiful blog. Those photos make me want to visit Whitstable in a big way (I've never been there) and the papier mache dolls are just stunning - what a talented lady.
    Emily x

  3. Lovely photos of all the shop fronts. I usually feel to embarrassed to take such photos though I suppose it's different if you're in a touristy area and there are just lots of people around taking photos generally.
    I can't say I'm too keen on Julie Arkell's work, though it's probably still interesting to see.
    As to oysters, I've not tried them, I'd probably have a go, there must be a reason why other people seem to enjoy them!
    Glad you had a good holiday.


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