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Street Art - Montmartre

On our third day in Paris I was feeling pretty rough having slept very little the night before what with a streaming nose and a nasty cough nobody else had slept much either! We got up later than usual as a consequence. Our Daughter spent her morning writing postcards we had purchased the day before to friends and  grandparents - Our Daughter reads a lot but her spelling is quite bad and therefore any opportunity to try and make her improve without her realizing that's what we're doing is a help.
Whilst we'd been wandering around the area of Montmartre we had  quickly realized how much street art there was here and thought that we would trample the streets looking for nothing in particular and see what we would find.
The above is a mural from a shop front.

We then came across this street art. We had seen something similar to this whilst in Paris last year. I presume "PITR" is the street artist.

I liked the look of this cafe - although the chairs do look as if they might take you down to the bottom of the hill!

We saw this street art - it looks as if it's by someone called "ME" and is of Vincent Van Gough! Over the few days we were in Paris we saw many works by this artist and a few more are shown below.

Next to the Van Gough was this one with another creepy face - this time in green!

Here is all the art together.

Another little shop which took my fancy - you can see how everything is on a slope here. It is very difficult to get a decent photo.

Another artwork by "ME". Is this a take on Pablo Picasso? Is the P.P. on the shirt the give-away?

We saw this street art / propoganda. I don't know what it means in French but it could easily translate into what was happening in London etc whilst we were away - "Looters take your places. On you marks - Get Set - Go!"

Another one of those funny faces. This one with his tongue poking out!

Near to the Metro at Abbesses was a small garden with an "I Love You" wall. Above the wall was this street art - I have no idea what the quote says - I hardly remember any of the french that I was taught at school!

Our Daughter and the Other Half standing in front of the "I Love You" wall. This is where the phrase "I Love You" is translated into possibly all the languages in the world or at least most of them. I couldn't see the welsh for "I Love You" - 'Rwyn dy garu di."

We came across an area where there was a lot of street art on a derelict building which looked as if it had been destroyed by fire.

A van covered in street art.

A cute panda!

Our Daughter in front of the street art. She looks a bit apprehensive as the Policeman whose car can be seen in the previous photo was looking quite interested in what we were doing. Probably thought we were loons!

This street art was nearby to the one above but Our Daughter has now raised a smile as the Policeman has driven off!

More street art.

Another cafe.

From wherever you are in Paris if you are anywhere near a panoramic view - the Eiffel Tower dominates the skyline.

We came across a mime artist. When we were in Paris last year we came across countless mime artists - this time only this one and one other which I didn't photograph as he / she wasn't very good! Where have all the good mime artists gone?

Round the corner from the mime artist above we came across this juggler with a bowl of fish on his head!

Pretty skillful! There was real water and fish in that bowl - one slip and it could have been messy!

Another one of those faces. The person who created them was clearly prolific!

We came upon another work by "ME".

Creepy street art and a creepy half face!

More street art.

Another street art work by "ME".

There was also a lot of art-work by Tristan des Limbes.

This artwork is a bit controversial as were a lot of his other works we saw - in this one the man has breasts as well as seeming to smoke three cigarettes at a time!

These artworks were on the walls on the way down some of the famous steps with old fashioned street lamps in the middle of Montmartre. Half way down there was a flat area where a group of musicians were strumming their guitars and singing very melodiously. When we went past again a few days later we noticed that the group had been joined by a female violinist! Music bringing people together. What are the chances of seeing people strumming their guitars in our country in the early evening unless they happen to be busking! 

I'm sure I've seen the artwork of this person in London! Does anyone know!
Shortly after this photo was taken we ambled back to the apartment - me once again up the 120 steps and Our Daughter and the Other Half in the lift!
With a good nights rest I was feeling a bit better when we awoke the next day.
We therfore planned to go further afield over the next few days - to the Place de la Concorde, the Jardin des Tuileries, the Louvre and a Bateau Mouche trip down the River Seine, to the Georges Pompidou Centre and to the Musee d'Orsay.
A very full itinerary.

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  1. You'll need another holiday to recover! More great photos of lots of interesting street art and other details.


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