Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Paris Day 6 - Part 3

We had just had a fantastic time at the Georges Pompidou Centre - as well as the artwork and sculpture on display there is also photographic art on display.

Having seen some of the art work and photographs I decided to ask Our Daughter to pose for a few arty shots. I tried to get the Georges Pompidou Centre in the glasses but also managed to get myself taking the photo in them too - so not so good!

I tried again - this time you can see me and the Other Half in the photo which was a shame as otherwise I think this could have been a good photo!

I tried again - but by cutting the image to avoid having me in the glasses I've lost the quality that there is in the one above - what do you think?

All this modelling was hard work and required a tip top to cool down.

The chalk artist was still there!

We went in search of a cafe for some crepes and a drink before heading back for the Metro.

We arrived back at Abessess and saw that the chalk artist here was also still at work!

A closer look!

Closer still!

There we have it - the end of Day 6! I never thought that I would get to it!
There are a few more posts to do from Paris but after that I will move on to the fantastic evening we had on Friday night when we went to Marlborough ommon to Giffords Circus.

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