Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Dog Show on Tankerton Slopes

Having spent a thoroughly enjoyable day at Whitstable on the Saturday we again awoke to the sea swishing and swashing onto the shingled shore - what a mesmerising sound. It was another lovely hot Summers' day - they say that it takes you 48 hours to unwind when you go on holiday from the stresses of everday life. At this gorgeous house in Whitstable it took as little as 48 seconds!
The mosaic above was near to the outdoor shower - so that you could de-sand and de-grit after a day on the beach!

After we had washed and had ourselves some breakfast we decided to head left out of the property and see where that would take us. We walked along the sea front - there weren't many people about - a few families out for a stroll and / or those taking their dog for a walk. There were no garish stalls selling "Kiss Me Quick" hats or greasy burger bars.

We must have walked past a few hundred beach huts!

They were all well looked after but many were not in use which surprised me with the weather being so glorious and it being a weekend!

The sea, the sea, the sea!

Don't ask me why I took this photo I just liked that ochre yellow colour!

We came across more beach huts!

We saw some wind surfers.

We then heard a bit of a commotion coming from on top of a grassy slope. We climbed the slope to see what was going on and came across an amazing "Dog Show" which was all part and parcel of the Oyster Festival. We sat down and watched the dogs in the two rings that had been set up. We saw the various competitions - best small dog, best big dog, the dog with the shiniest coat, the dog most like its owner, the dog and human dance, the fancy dress dog and much more. We were enthralled by it all.
I just had to take a photo of the above golden spaniel - so cute!

Doesn't this dog look smart with his red neckerchief!

And what about this spaniel?

Here it is again!

We came across this little cocker spaniel puppy whose name we learned was "Wil" having been born on the 29th April, 2011. He was from a litter of only two boys - the other pup was called "Liam". Put both words together and you get "William" after the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton being on the same day that they were born. "Wil" looked bigger than Our Puppy "George" who was born on the 23rd April - St. George's day - hence his name - but he was from a litter of seven! "Wil" was far calmer and better behaved than George would have been!

I like shows like this where children as well as adults can get involved. That Scottie was adorable.

I'm not usually keen on boxers but I liked this one!

We then spoke to a lady who owned this dog - a King Charles Cavalier crossed with a Jack Russell. She also had another dog - a terrier, which she had recently fostered and then been pressurised by her children into adopting. She told us how easy the above dog had been and that the latest addition was far harder work being quite neurotic. We sympathised saying we were in a similar predicament in that Charlie, our standard wire-haired dachsund was so chilled whereas George, our cocker spaniel puppy was the opposite being a complete live wire!

I think this was a rescue dog.

This standard poodle won a prize. Here it is receiving a rosette.

Our Daughter looked after the lady that we got talking to whilst she entered her other dog into the dog with the shiniest coat competition.

This is the neurotic (the owners words not mine) other dog - looks like butter wouldn't melt, doesn't he!

This man and his Hungarian Vizsla won the dog and human dance - they were dancing to "Who Let the Dog Out" and that song by Groove Armada "I See You Baby (Shakin' That Ass)". They were very good and had all the spectators laughing! Well deserving of their First Prize!

That labrador looks as happy as its owner.

I liked this terrier.

One of the entrants in the fancy dress section - a commando Jack Russell!
All too soon the show came to an end. We looked at our watches and couldn't believe that it was just gone 2.30 p.m. and we hadn't had any lunch! We had so enjoyed ourselves that we'd simply forgotten the time!

We walked back along the sea front to the house and made ourselves a quick sandwich and drink. After we'd refuelled we made our way once again to Whitstable Town Centre.

In the town we came across this little shop called Mosaic with its mosaic made sign above the front door. Look how bendy that shop wall is!

I loved the sign - "Bend or Bump."

We walked past "The Favourite".

A closer look at "The Favourite".

It looks a bit like "The Scream" by Norwegian artist, Edvard Munch.

Our Daughter near to "The Favourite".

Fishy items for sale.

I came across some bicycles. I should think the owners were going to have a heavy night of it if they were going to be consuming that entire keg!

We returned to the house via the seafront and someone just had to go for a paddle!

And then a swim!

After the Other Half and Our Daughter had their swim (I'm not a swimming person. I can swim although not very well!) we made some dinner and once again watched the sunset.

Isn't the sky amazing!

A few minutes later.

A bit later!

No need for words - I think the photos speak for themselves!


It's going!

It's nearly gone and then in a blink of an eye - it had!
This was a fantastic day and one I will remember for a long, long time - I have all the photos I need to remind me. Sometimes I think I take too many and on this day I even surpassed that feeling but memories fade whilst a photo can just return you to that day and time in an instant.

Until next time,


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