Sunday, 31 July 2011

The House at Whitstable

Having left Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill - we continued on our journey to Whitstable. We had been a bit put out by the fact that the changeover was at 6.00 p.m. but when we arrived at the property and saw the wonderful views that we would wake up to for the next seven days any concern was quickly forgotten about. The house was literally sat on the beach - that shingle bit that you can see going into the sea is called The Street and at certain times - tide permitting you can walk far out into the sea!
This must be one of the best houses that we have ever stayed in - the location was just fantastic - waking up to the sound of nothing apart from the sea lapping the shore was heaven on earth - even the seagulls were quiet as if they too appreciated the tranquility of this place.

I took a few photos of the inside of the house and even though this was lovely the best by far was what you could see outdoors.

A corner to do some postcard writing!

The view from our bedroom window!

Looking at the house to the left were numerous beach huts.

The view from the terrace to the front of the house - yes, we were really that close to the sea!

As the night got cooler I sat here with Our Daughter wrapped in the blankets provided - reading and watching the sea - pure bliss! Our Daughter loved the blue painted rocking chair and loved even more the hammock that was in the garden to the side of the house!

The lounge - there was only a small portable TV which suited me down to the ground - who on earth would want to watch TV when you had views to die for outside. As always with holiday homes there was a comments book - not a bad word about the place in it, how could there possibly be. It was idyllic.

Another look at that spectacular view.

And another!
When I booked our holiday earlier in the year I had no idea that Whitstable held an Oyster Festival every year. Guess what, the week we'd booked was the Oyster Festival week! The town had laid many things on and we had an absolutely thrilling time which I will cover in future postings.

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  1. Course I'd love you on board. How annoying computers are, I just bash the same button again and again until something or more usually nothing happens.

    Loving your travels and am blown away by this holiday home. Oh to own something like this for an escape from it all.



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