Wednesday, 4 May 2011

More Street Art

Again a continuation of the last post. I found the tour around Shoreditch and Brick Lane looking at street art completely fascinating. To see works of art in the unlikeliest of places and all for everyone to see for free - apart from us who'd paid for the tour but you get the gist of what I'm trying to say.
To see ever evolving and changing artwork literally on your doorstep must be incredible!

The above is by a street artist called David Walker whose first job was to design T-shirts for "The Prodigy"!

We then saw a bit of the work of this street artist - Otto Schade. He makes images from twisting ribbons which has become his trademark. The above is clearly, Marilyn Monroe.

In the above he has turned his ribbon twisting to the map of the country and turned them in turn into people - with England pointing its finger at Ireland!
Clever stuff!

Some more ribbon twisting - this time into Che Guevera.

We then saw work by "Stik". Stik creates stick people who although are androgenous and created using simple lines convey a great deal of human emotion. There is a vulnerability to his work.
Stik himself was homeless for a time and some of his artwork reflects the loneliness of the outsider in society.
This image was painted on to the door of a squat.
The smaller stick person looks as if he / she is frozen from the cold weather. A true account of the life of homeless people.

Another "Roa". Roa is from Ghent in Belguim. He is renowned for his giant black and white animal street art.
By looking at the chair in this photo you can capture the sheer scale of his creations which take hours to paint. As the work takes a number of hours to complete Roa usually has the owners permission to paint on the side of buildings, etc.

We were told who this was by but the name has now escaped me!

This is by an artist calling himself C215. His real name is Christian Guemy. He hails from Paris and has two masters in History and Art. The above work is of his daughter, Nina.

Half way through the tour we stopped for a bite to eat at a local pub. In the pub garden was some artwork by Banksy - they were covered by perspex so it was very difficult to get a photo.

The above is also from the same pub garden and is another Banksy.

The above is the work of a street artist called "Eine". His work is easily recognisable as it is mainly of brightly coloured typographical letters.
Eine made the news in April 2010 when the Prime Minister, David Cameron presented a piece of his work to Barack Obama as a gift from the U.K.

If you look around carefully in the East End you will spot a number of colourful mushrooms!
These are the art work of Christiaan Nagel.
They are made from foam, fibre glass and stainless steel.
Most are perched on the top of buildings.
I believe that I read somewhere recently that his artwork had been spotted in Hyde Park!

Well, by now we were just over half way on the tour. Our Daughter was enthralled with it all. There were about 15 - 20 of us on the tour. Our Daughter was right there at the front listening to the tour guides every word - remarkable as the tour lasted from 11.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. I had thought that she might not have lasted until the end but she did! Top marks for stamina!

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