Wednesday, 25 May 2011

More From Forde Abbey

This is a continuation of yesterdays post when we were at Forde Abbey. The lupins were out and were swaying gently in the wind.

There were some beautifully coloured flowers.

Some wisteria.

The Other Half and Our Daughter looking a bit grumpy and the dog doing his cowboy impersonation - chewing on a piece of long grass! "Howd'ee pardner!"

By the lake there were some goslings.

A proud mum and her family of six.

Watching and preening.


The proud parents stand watch whilst the little ones go to sleep!

Huddled up together, nice and warm, as if they were still in the nest!

The Canadian Geese were far more attentive in their parental responsibilities than the ducks who allowed their ducklings to swim much further away!

We returned to the long pond and the gazebo.

An ornamental onion. The gazebo's roof looks as if it was inspired by the onion!

The Church at Forde Abbey.

A fabulous red poppy!

Well, there we have it another posting about Forde Abbey. It really is a splendid place. There is something to see all year round!
It seems like only yesterday that the children were off for Easter holidays and now half term is upon us!
Time does fly!

Until next time.


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  1. Hi June,
    Thank you for your beautiful blog :0)
    Your gifted photos capture the most incredible moments in time & place! Truly a delight to visit, makes one feel "right there". So very kind of you to share your unique perspective with so many. Have been a fan for months & thought it only fair to praise you for your talent. Looking forward to future visits from
    1/2 a world away....
    Maple Leaf


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