Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Still at Cockington ...

This is the last posting on the Village of Cockington, near Torquay in Devon where we were last Saturday.
On the Manor House wall this plant was in blossom. I have no idea what it is but isn't the flower a beautiful colour! If anyone has any idea please let me know!

From the Manor House we went to see the old stableyard / courtyard and also to see the walled garden. It will be lovely in the walled garden in June as there are literally hundreds of rose bushes planted there. Being Spring it looked a bit bare but out of the corner of my eye I saw this brilliant flash of colour and saw these wonderful yellow and red tulips.

Tulips and daffodils to me are the main Spring flowers. They bring such a vitality to the Season - a riot of colour.

I would love to visit the tulip fields of Amsterdam. There are so many striking colours and to see masses of them in long rows - wonderful! Another destination to add to the long list of things I would like to do and see!

The stableyard. To the left you can just about catch a glimpse of the glassblowing studio.

Another thatched cottage.

We saw this wonderful shire horse in a field.

You can see where Ugg got their boot ideas from - can't you? Out of all horses my favourite is the shire horse - although they are the heaviest horse they always look so graceful. I love this horses mane blowing gently in the wind - just out of the hairdressers look!

In the Village there is also a blacksmiths. It was closed but it had these funny little gnomes in the window.

I am not really a garden gnome person but these brought a smile to my face! "Hi-ho, Hi-ho it's off to work we go ... "

And finally, here's a photo of those young bullocks who escaped into someone's garden on Sunday. They actually jumped over that wall into the garden! They then jumped back over the wall onto the road and then jumped back into the garden a few more times! I never knew that these animals were so agile!
The Other Half and some local farmers who were in a nearby pub eventually rounded them up into a  field! It was quite comical at times as just when all three were on the road one would jump back over the wall into the garden!

Not much more to tell you other than last night I finished reading "Cliffhanger". It transpires that Al had not killed his daughter, Miranda, but had instead killed the Police Inspector's wife, who had also been out on the cliff that day. His wife, Audrey had killed Miranda but all the evidence pointed out to the hapless Al! The story ends with him in Prison serving 25 years for killing Miranda and his wife taking over the running of his taxi business!

I will have to sort out another book to start tonight. I really cannot watch the boring programmes that they have on TV these days.

Until next time.



  1. Thanks for your well wishes June. Gorgeous horse. I loved Cockington the one time I visited it. Good memories of me waddling around 8 and a half months pregnant. Probably menas you covered more ground than me and saw more.


  2. Ohh! Beautiful! That horse is magnificent too. Lovely photos. :)

  3. Beautiful flower pics!
    I think the red one is a japnese quince - chaenomeles or something - am not sure but it looks like it.
    The shire horses are magnificent, and the gnomes are fun!
    Sorted the photos thing thanks for your help June! I paid less but have probably got less extra storage than you and may need to buy more later i suspect, but the space was upgraded instantly. So if you have time pop back for some extra piccys - they are NOT more garden ones but some lovely ones from tumblr!

  4. Thank you for such a lovely trip to Cockington, what beautiful photos. Horse, gnomes and flowers - perfect!

  5. Hi June, thanks for your comment - lucky you, off to Rome!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful time, and make sure you take plenty of photos! I shall look forward to quite a few posts on Rome for some virtual sightseeing on your return!
    That first flowering plant is also known as a Japonica I think
    Gill x

  6. Thanks for popping over,and for your comment.I don't seem to get around to leaving comments at the and all that! I do love reading your posts though,and the bullocks story made me laugh.I won't walk through a field of cows..especially when I have Bella with me. :0)

  7. I have a vision of jumping cows now!
    I think the flower is a Japanese quince, it is a beauitful colour.
    Thank you for popping by my blog and leaving a comment too.

  8. Such wonderful pictures! I visited via Pinterest and your just-out-of-the-hairdressers-horse. :)

  9. Hi June,
    I am Jean (from AL in the US) and just joined your blog because I have enjoyed your photography and comments so much and its great to see things over there from a natural viewpoint...I love it. Thanks so much and hope you don't mind, but I will definitely be back. I have a lot of catching up to do as your blog has been here for a while. oh yes, forgot to say, I don't blog (that's why its coming up unknown, I guess, but I did have to sign into gmail before I could join, so you would think at least to you, I would be known) but do have a link on Facebook. I found your site through Pinterest.

  10. Shire Horses are expressly NOT chestnut or sorrel. Chestnut is disqualifying and cannot be registered.


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