Monday, 18 April 2011

A La Ronde Continued ...

This is a continuation from yesterday's post which saw us at A La Ronde, near Exmouth. It is a fascinating house.

The tulips in the garden were spectacular.

Who are these couple of swells - do they dine in the best hotels?

The Parminter cousins decorated the house with items that they found on their ten year European tour. There are many glass cases dotted around the house filled with shells of all shapes and colours. These ladies knew a thing or two about home interiors - eat your heart out Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen!

Inside the property there is a central octagon. Eight doors lead to a series of interconnecting rooms. It was once possible to make a complete circuit of these rooms without entering the lofty octagon itself - can you imagine the pleasure of children playing hide and seek here - the game could have gone on for literally hours!

Not only were the shells shown off in glass cases but they were put to good use decorating the fireplaces and even pictures were made using shells!

A closer look at the fire surround.

In the bedroom was this delightful print.

Beautiful borders were made from bird feathers. The ingenuity of these two cousins!

Wonderful silhouettes above another fireplace.

Some more exotic shells in a glass cabinet.

The house even boasts its own cat - here seen slumbering in its basket on a windowsill. It was a lovely warm day with a hint of a breeze. The expression on the cats face seems to be "Oh no, they've found my nice, warm spot - go away! Can't you see I'm having a cat nap!"

There we have it photos from A La Ronde. The next post will be about Barrington Court, near Ilminster in Somerset.

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