Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Toys and Tins

Well, what do you make of this handsome chap? At the beginning of half term we drove down to Devon and stopped half way at The Dairy House in Semley near Shaftesbury. It is an Antiques Centre with lovely things to tempt you to part with your money.
We have been there a few times having discovered that the place existed via a blog.
The stock is spread over three floors - in several rooms.
There is a section which sells old books - Enid Blyton, A. A. Milne etc and there on a shelf above the books was this delightful dog - my heart melted as soon as I saw him and when I pointed him out to Our Daughter, she too thought the same - he just had to come home with us!

He's got an adorable face and has been well loved, which just adds to his charm! He now has pride of place in Our Daughter's bedroom.

Well, would you believe it next to the first dog was this one - "You can't leave him behind mum! He'd be so sad by himself! And he looks a bit like Charlie!" Charlie is our standard wire coated dachshund.
So - you can guess what happened - that one too came home with us!

He does look a bit like our dog, Charlie - scruffy but lovable.

Now we don't make a habit of spoiling Our Daughter - but would you believe it when we went to Lyme Regis at half term in a shop called Susie Cole was this lovely rabbit and her young one! "Please, please can I have it. I won't ask for anything again until Christmas!" (I didn't believe her - but they are lovely, aren't they?)
So, they came home with us too!

As I was taking photos of the cute dogs and rabbits to show you on this post I thought that I would show you some of the bears that sit on a chair that Our Daughter used to have in the living room when she was small but which is now in her bedroom with these bears on it as it is too small for her!
The cream bear came from a Charity Shop in Honiton last Autumn for £2.99. The orange and black bears were a Christmas present to Our Daughter and were made by Danielle from Pussman and Co - see my blog list for details. The yellow and blue knitted bear was £1 from a Saturday Market stall in Devon.

Looking at the first dog on this post which seems to me to be a terrier I thought that I would show you what I purchased for me recently in Honiton - a tin with dogs!

And finally, I thought that I would show you this tin that I purchased on our recent visit to Stratford.

On Sunday, Our Daughter went to a school friends Birthday Party which allowed me time to take these photos as I was tidying up - this reminds me I need to go and put another load of washing through. So, I'd better be off!

Until next time.



  1. The 2 dogs are soo super cute!
    And I love the picture with my 2 bears on! They have a wonderfull time in England! I can see that!With all these fur friends.
    Thank you! XXX

  2. Hi June!
    I love those adorable vintage dogs - no wonder you couldn't resist, their little faces are so sweet, especially that first one - and if the other looks like Charlie.......who can possibly pass up anything that looks like their own dog!
    And the bunnys too!
    Lucky daughter!!
    Love those vintage tins too.
    Have a great weekend!
    Gill x

  3. It was Sue of Dairy house who first encouraged me to start my blog - two years ago when I won a giveaway. I visited Dairy House last summer - what a great place. Your finds are lovely. I've just started collecting those 50s tins too!

  4. Dear June
    My heart soared when I saw your lovely collection of vintage dogs.. and bears.. oh and that bunny! I have a bit of a thing about vintage dogs and currently have 16 of them sitting in my bedroom..looking at me as I type. They will all be up for adoption at the next fair in April..
    Lovely to see your daughter's collection.

    Michele x

    1. Hello June, I shared a picture from your blog at my blog, I hope you don't mind, If you de please let me know!
      Hugs Danielle


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