Friday, 18 February 2011

The 1940's House - Imperial War Museum

A continuation of yesterday's post where we were in The Children's War exhibition at The Imperial War Museum.

I love the blue tile surround to the fireplace and the gold eiderdowns / bed covers. My grandma had a similar fire surround but in beige in the parlour but with a real fire.

I love the black and white simple style of the bathroom and the Lloyd Loom laundry basket. I also like the shade of green paint - a colour which was all the rage in the 1940's.

I would love to have a butler's sink but if I did have one I would probably have to put a plastic bowl in it as I am a bit heavy handed with crockery and they would end up chipped!

I love the pastry table with its green legs.

Doesn't that sitting room look cosy. I far prefer the description sitting room to lounge.  I suppose that is what most people do these days lounge about in their lounge in front of the telly. Sitting room on the other hand sounds far more refined and implies somewhere where you will sit and do something like read a book or relax listening to the radio.

My grandmother used to swear by "VIM" as the best cleaning agent. I remember she would scour away with VIM which came in a powdery form with some warm water and a small brush. It's funny the things that you remember from childhood.

There were many posters encouraging children to drink milk and orange juice and to take cod liver oil.
I liked this photograph of a young child doing just as she'd been told!
My grandma used to swear by cod liver oil and used to take a swig of it straight from the bottle every morning as well as eating an orange every day - harking back to what she had been told in the 1940's perhaps. She did live to be 90 with hardly any illnesses that I can re-call, not even a cold.

With the War going on - love seemed still to be in the air for this young couple. I wonder what happened to them?

I love the hope in this photograph -  through the despair of her surroundings this woman has a smile on her face and I like the dress too!

Well, that pretty much sums up what we saw in The Children's War Exhibition. Tomorrow I will move on to show you some photographs of where we went next - Covent Garden - to see the street entertainers!

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