Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Wootton Wawen - Canal Boats

We had driven to Anne Hathaway's Cottage. As we were in the car we thought we would have a short drive around the local area. We came across this place called Wootton Wawen - what an interesting name!
I wonder how it is that the place came to have that name!

This canal boat was called "Charlie" - I had to take a photograph of it to remind me of our dog, Charlie, who whilst we were away was at the kennels. The cats and rabbit had a better time as we had a pet sitter who came to feed them twice a day and to make sure that they were O.K. Cattery fees for five cats can be very, very expensive and makes the cost of any holiday look cheap! A pet sitter is much better as the animals are in their home environment. Mind you I don't say that when I come home and find cat fur everywhere and sometimes a fur ball or two and a dead mouse or two or three! That's when I say "Next time they're off to the cattery!"

I love rivers, canals and of course, the sea. Growing up on Anglesey I was surrounded by the sea and I still dream of living in a cosy cottage near the sea.

I'm sure that this walkway would be lovely in Summer. The canal was surrounded by fields and I'm sure a picnic would be nice here on a hot Summer's day.

The aqueduct.

A bit of history about the Aqueduct.

A photograph of the Other Half and Our Daughter near to the many barges.

Interesting boat gadgets!

This sign was near to the bridge seen at the beginning of this post.

I love coming across something unexpected like this whilst on holiday.
 I far prefer to drive the scenic route than the motorways. You see so much more of interest and the pace is far more relaxing.

Next time I will move back to Stratford and do a post about Holy Trinity Church where William Shakespeare was baptized and buried.

Until next time.


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