Thursday, 13 January 2011

Trafalgar Square

Here we are in Trafalgar Square. Although it looks as if it was raining - it wasn't - the water was from the fountains in the Square! 

Whenever I go to London I always find myself gravitating to Trafalgar Square - the excellent Waterstones with a Costa in it nearby helps!

This ship in a bottle is on one of the plinths.

The Other Half and Our Daughter getting wet by the fountain as I fumble for my camera!

One of the two water fountains!

Getting wetter - "Hurry up, mum!"

Just about to leave the Square for a snack in Costa before we headed off for our destination.

Just before we go though a photo of Nelson's Column with a few red double decker buses -  something that sums London up for me along with theatreland, black cabs, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, The Tower, wonderful parks and shops (although most are too expensive!) 

One of the four lions guarding Nelson's Column.

Refreshed from our lunch we head off for The Lyceum to see "The Lion King."
A truly wonderful performance - the animals are amazing - some very clever costume designing and choreography involved. The show has been running for 11 years!
Afterwards we headed back to Waterloo Station and caught the train home.
A fabulous day!

Until next time.


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