Tuesday, 11 January 2011

St. James' Park and Squirrels!

Continuing from yesterdays post here are some photographs from St. James' Park. The pigeon was sat firmly on this cherubs head - a true birds eye view of what was going on!

As we entered the Park there were dozens of squirrels. We had told our daughter that there might be a possibility of spotting some squirrels but that she shouldn't get too excited as they might be hibernating - oh, no they were not! They were everywhere.
I know that some people see grey squirrels as vermin -  who killed our red squirrels due to their aggressive tendencies but they are cute!

They look especially cute when they're chomping away on a nut.

However, when they are looking mean they do look a bit scary!

A view of the London Eye from the Park.

The bird feeding area. It seems that the pigeons from Trafalgar Square have moved here!
The goose waits patiently to be fed whilst the pigeons showed far less restraint!

This lovely old tree looks as if it is going to fall into the water.

Back to those squirrels - its nice to see wild animals at such close quarters.

Very trusting!

And here we have our daughter on the trail of the squirrels!

Have a lovely day.

Back soon with some photographs of Admiralty Arch and Trafalgar Square.

Until next time.


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