Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A Ladybird Learning to Read Book

Today I thought that I would show you this delightful Ladybird book from 1956 that I found a few years ago in a second hand book shop. It has some lovely illustrations. Learning to read would be a joy with this little treasure!

In the introduction it says :-
"This book has been specially designed to help your child with the beginning of reading.
Through careful choice of words, frequent repetition and thoughful matching of text with pictures, children can almost teach themselves to read the simple sentences in this book."

"This puppy can see a frog."

"This puppy can see a robin."

"These puppies can see a snail."

"This kitten can see a spider."

"This kitten wants some milk."

"This kitten has some milk."

"This kitten is in a sock."

"This kitten does not want to get wet."

The final illustration is a bit like the weather here today. The snow has gone and in its place is the worst kind of weather in my mind - misty rain. A bad day for photographers!

Not much has been going on here - we are all fighting off the last dregs of the flu. This one was a horrid flu - I can't believe how long it lasted. I think that next year I will seriously consider asking for the flu jab. It doesn't make sense to be ill for almost a month!

The worst thing about being ill is that you put off those jobs like washing and ironing so that when you do feel better there is so much of it to do that it makes you feel worse again!

Better get to it then hadn't I!

Until next time.



  1. Hi June

    Good to hear from you.

    Love your tin collection, bit of envy I think for some of your finds.

    Hope that flu clears off soon, no fun at all.


  2. What a joy! I DID learn to read with that little book and I probably haven't seen these illustrations since about 1960. But I remember them all so well, especially the kitten in the sock.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hello all,

    Have you folks seen this page about Harry Woolley, the artist of the book mentioned above. ?

    It's also about related publications and artwork.


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